NOTE: As of 6pm EST on Wednesday, September 14, this poll has closed. The results will be calculated from the 3,217 votes that have been cast thus far. An analysis of the results will be published tomorrow, Thursday, September 15. 

With less than two months to go until the US presidential election, we want to know which way IrishCentral readers are leaning. 

There are 33.1 million Americans of Irish descent, and with 78.5% of them over the age of 18, that's a significant number of voters. 

So, tell us: does Hillary Clinton have your vote? Will you be voting for Donald Trump? Or, have you not quite made up your mind yet? 

Select your answer in the poll below, and then use the comment section to tell us a little bit more about you as a voter. Are you voting with your chosen party like you always have? Have you switched allegiances for the 2016 election? If you're undecided, which issues have you still on the fence? The poll concerns only the Democratic and Republican contenders, but if you're voting for a third party candidate we're interested to hear about that too.