If a "friend" had betrayed you, lied to you, committed heinous crimes against you, your relatives or your friends, or covered up those crimes -- would you happily march into his home for Christmas dinner with gifts for him in hand?

Yes? Then you'd be an idiot, of course.

But that is exactly what Catholics in Ireland will likely do when they go to their churches for Christmas Mass.

Kiss their solid-gold rings? Kiss my arse!

The child abuse and sex abuse and its cover-up by higher-ups, whose horrid details are fast emerging, is now known to be an atrocity that went on for DECADES, and which was hardly the work of a "handful" of sick clerics or well-intentioned bishops. It was hateful, criminal, systematic, and long-standing.

Is this the company you'll keep on Christmas?

"Well, I'll go to Mass," some say, "but I won't put anything in the collection plate."

That's a good start for sure. But these criminals did more than steal your money. A LOT MORE! Dope Benedict XXX can send them more money that you could ever imagine if you hold back a few dollars. Rest assured, they'll still have warm rectories, tables full of food, and anything else they want or need.

Of course, they'd have you believe they're too poor to pay any reparations or damages to those they've so horribly sinned against. Ah, baloney! How stupid do they they think you are? Or ARE you that stupid?

Wolfie is an old hound who learned his religion from the ancient "Baltimore Catechism," and it said that God is everywhere. Although they should probably put out a corrected edition to say that God is everywhere EXCEPT in Ireland's Catholic churches, let's say the original claim is right.

That means that God is in your home, too. With the ones you love, and who (hopefully) have not stabbed you in the back recently.

Have your Christmas Mass there. Say some prayers, read the Nativity story, listen to some nice religious music, break the bread, and sip (don't chug) the wine.

Let Father Feel-y preach to himself!