Now in its fourth installment, applications are currently open for The Leadership & Executive Acceleration Program (LEAP™), empowering Irish and Irish-American women to accelerate their careers by providing access to professional insights, role models, and potential mentors.

The overall mission is to help women advance in the workplace and strengthen the roles women can play in each other’s success. 

The program focuses on three main pillars: networking and peer mentoring; professional development; and project assignment. 

Through networking and peer mentoring, the program connects and engages LEAP participants and previous LEAP alumni in small group sessions to foster strong relationships and personal growth through peer mentoring. 

It provides formal training for professional development through a combination of on-site expert talks and curated multi-media on a variety of topics

As well as supporting women in the next step of their careers, the LEAP program also impacts Irish American nonprofit communities through its project assignment pillar.  

LEAP in the Community is an important part of the program, designed to promote teamwork and unleash participants' skills to solve a business challenge in two non-profit organizations, as well as fostering the importance of corporate social responsibility.

Applications are open and the deadline to apply is December 7th, 2021.

The program will run from mid-January through June 2021 and there is no cost to participate.

You can find more information here or apply to the program here.

About LEAP™ (Leadership & Executive Acceleration Program)

LEAP™ (Leadership & Executive Acceleration Program) is all about helping ambitious professional Irish and Irish-American women living in the United States get more opportunity—to have a voice in important discussions—to have a seat at the table with the decision makers, and to promote a culture of women helping other women.

With support from the Irish government, the Irish International Business Network (IIBN) developed this leadership and professional development program to advance participants career goals, and personal growth. Working in teams, LEAP in the Community inspires women to channel their collective skills towards real world social problems.

The majority of program members are professionals and entrepreneurs in mid-career and beyond. We encourage professional Irish and Irish-American women from the Irish community in the United States to apply.

LEAP™ is tailored to:

  • Increase advancement opportunities for Irish and Irish-American women in their field of choice
  • Support the professional development of Irish citizens in the USA.
  • Strengthen the capability of Irish and Irish-American community organizations
  • Promote connectivity between Irish and Irish-American professionals with cultural associations and organizations

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