I love the Clintons and all they did for Ireland, but I’m voting for Bernie Sanders this time.

No matter how you look at it Hillary Clinton is part of the establishment. She and her husband have been a dominant force in the Democratic Party since 1990.

It is time for a change.

Whatever we say about Donald Trump there is no doubting he has delivered a raucous wake up call to the Republicans which has snapped them out of their think tank mentality and forced them to deal with reality.

Bernie Sanders has the ability to do that. Hillary Clinton does not.

Sanders has been accused of having just one message, but it is the right one this election year – it is income inequality.

America has taken the wrong path after the election and deification of Ronald Reagan.

I have no doubt Reagan wouldn’t get past dogcatcher in this current party.

But he did bring about the mistrust of government and the veneration of business and the atmosphere where the rich can get so much richer without anyone asking how is the working man and woman doing.

Unlike Hillary, Bernie really cares and the kids see it. Call them naive or call them stupid but is Bernie saying anything that FDR would not have said about the need for fairness in this country?

Hillary Clinton has been a limousine liberal so long that she doesn’t even know what poverty is. Sure it needs a solution, preferably one with a nice PowerPoint presentation and a decision to work on it.

She even opposed pushing the minimum wage to $15 and wanted $12.50.

What is she afraid of? Billionaire McDonald's workers? Filthy rich home health aides and nannies?

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Sanders speaks fearlessly about the need for a new era, where greed is not good and communities come together and are not split apart.

Don't believe the nonsense about the good old days: Blacks could not find employment, women were kept at home and Father knew best.

Sanders knows that, knows the secret of America has been the work ethic, not of the top CEOs with their average $10 million salary but the cops, the firemen, the troops, the sanitation workers – oh wait isn’t that the government?

Vote for Bernie, for fairness for all. It is something we Irish demanded when we came here and we achieved through the labor movement, politics and sheer hard work. It is time we reclaimed that heritage. The Clintons deserve credit for the peace process sure, but the world has moved on.

Make America Fair Again,

Vote Bernie.

Mary Murray is a public relations expert living in Los Angeles.

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