Gabriel Byrne's on-stage performance of his memoir "Walking with Ghosts" is an immersive, earnest masterclass in storytelling from a Dub with proud roots.

Gabriel Byrne is surely one of Ireland's most well-known exports. Famous for his roles in beloved movies, like "Usual Suspects" and the classic "Miller's Crossing", his latest performance is something truly inspiring. In a short run at the Gaiety Theatre in Dublin, Gabriel Byrne laid bare his life, with all its ups and downs, in "Walking with Ghosts". 

Based on his memoir, "Walking with Ghosts", released in 2020, Byrne's one-man stage performance, directed by Lonny Price and produced by Landmark Productions and Lovano, is spellbinding from the start. From Byrne's first childhood memories in Dublin 60 years ago, his telling of his story, warts and all, is peppered with quick Dub wit and filled with characters now lost in history. 

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One critic described "Walking with Ghosts" as an "account of how failing as a priest and a plumber led him to Hollywood" but it's so much more. 

Byrne's performance shows this Hollywood star telling truthful, honest, personal tales from boyhood tragedies to assaults. These stories are sometimes difficult to listen to but those witnessing these tales will truly feel privileged that Byrne has shared them. 

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Strikingly, "Walking with Ghosts", as well as being the tale of a boy's journey into manhood, is an ode to Byrne's big Dublin family and especially his Mam and Dad. His heartfelt reminisces of innocuous moments that made up the hustle and bustle of a house with six children and a father who worked as a cooper at Guinness' Brewery truly warm the heart.

From belly laughs to personal revelations this is a performance by Byrne not to be missed.