Joe Biden, Gerry Adams and Barack Obama

President Obama's administration is damaging the still fragile Irish peace process.

Federal prosecutors acting for the British won a major victory on Friday when Judge William Young ordered Boston College to turn over the transcripts.

Strange as it may seem the tapes have the potential to damage the peace process.

The British security forces MI5 etc., are looking for any dirt they can find on Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams among others on those tapes.

Amazingly, when he was here recently, Northern Secretary Owen Paterson was clearly deeply embarrassed by what his security forces, likely without reference to him, had succeeded in doing.


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They have a long vendetta against Adams and will use whatever means necessary, including endangering the peace process to get him.

The Obama administration is cooperating openly with this travesty which is damaging for them among Irish Americans to say the least.

IRA veterans, believing the tapes were being kept private until a lengthy time had elapsed spoke freely about past incidents. Now their words may be use against them and others.

The British securocrats are only seeking the IRA tapes, none from the Loyalists who spoke to the oral history project – that in itself is all you need to know.

The Boston College administrators were journalist Ed Moloney and academic Anthony McIntyre. Both men are long time critics of Adams and the IRA personnel chosen to be interviewed reflect that.

BC has stated that turning over the materials will endanger the safety of people involved in the project.

Judge Young, who also presided over the Richard Reid shoe bomber case, set aside BC’s objections saying that the recordings could be relevant to murder and kidnapping investigations and that the US had an obligation under a treaty with Britain to hand over the materials

“These are serious allegations, and they weigh strongly in favor of disclosing the confidential information,’’ Young wrote.

Assistant US Attorney John McNeil, praised the judge. He said the ruling indicates that “the US government’s obligation [under the treaty with Britain and] the public interest in this criminal inquiry are compelling.’’

Which is load of nonsense. People have buried the past and got on with the future in Northern Ireland and created a model of conflict resolution that is the envy of the world.

The Obama administration and the British security hawks are doing their damndest to bring that down.

That’s what is at stake at Boston College.