Its that time of year again when everything Irish is in and everyone throws around Irish expressions.

But what do those expressions mean and where do they come from?

Here's a user's guide:

May the Road Rise to Meet You-- From the Gaelic, Go N-eiri an bothar leat, which means may success be with you.

Top of the Morning: Hollywood invention, never used in Ireland.

And the rest of the day to yourself --Also Hollywood.

Slainte: means Good health ---Slainte is the Gaelic word for health.

Slan meaning farewell Slan is the Gaelic word for safe so it means keep safe.

Erin go Bragh -- Means in Gaelic "Ireland forever."

A Hundred Thousand welcomes -- from the Gaelic Cead Mile Failte which means literally that.

Dia is Muire Dhuit
: Means hello in Gaelic, literally means "God and Mary with you."

Dia is Mhuire Duit agus Padraig; How the person responds,"God and Mary and St. Patrick with you."

Pog Mo Thoin --Yes it means what you think it does, Gaelic for kiss my ...

And finally...

La Fheile Padraig brea dhibh go leir -- Have a great St. Pat's everyone