By Niall O'Dowd
Banning Kathy Griffin from CNN because of her potty mouth is an insane exercise in censorship.
At a time when TV movies and crime series are ever more violent Griffin is being blanked because she dared to drop the f- bomb on air during a New Year's special.
I have news for America. if you go to Britain or Ireland don't turn on your TV screen because the F-word is uttered quite frequently -- though the cop shows tend to be far less violent.
Which is better for our kids? Some swearing that could easily have been bleeped out by time delay or rape, mayhem, murder on our TV screen nightly?
We had Kathy Griffin at one of our events in Irish America Magazine a few years back.She was hilarious --and profane. Nobody objected. As it turns out her mother's family are from the same town in Ireland my family grew up in. She has been to Ireland and loves it there.
I know she won't have been surprised if she turned her TV on over there. We need to grow up over here too. Bad language is not violent, mayhem on our TV screens alas, most definitely is.