Two of the nine kids who bullied Phoebe Prince to an untimely death have been expelled from their school after prosecutors announced charges against them.
What took them so long?

South Hadley High School administrators issued a statement today that said they had not known some of the accusations against the two until the prosecutor's report was issued

“As we continue to review the new information that was released by the district attorney at her press conference on Monday, we have taken disciplinary action with an additional small group of students and they have been removed from the high school,” said Assistant Superintendent Christine Sweklo in a statement.

“We continue our ongoing efforts, through our Anti-Bullying Task Force to Promote Civil and Ethical Behavior, to review our policies, programs and procedures.”
Only two of the students who were cited remain at the school so it is believed those are the two who have been expelled.

This looks like a case of see no evil.

According to the Boston Herald "School administrators indicated yesterday that the school department’s probe did not turn up evidence against the girls who remained in the school, and they wanted to review the district attorney’s evidence."

My what on earth were they looking at then? A brief conversation with any kid in Phoebe's circle or teachers who knew about the bullying would have told them what they wanted to know, IE who was doing the bullying etc.

The school's inaction has been disgraceful and heads need to roll