There are times when you have to say Donald Trump has a point about immigration policy.

The diversity visa lottery (DV) results were made public and Ireland will receive only 76 visas, total.

The visa was initially a well-meaning effort by Democrats to ensure a small measure of fairness in the immigration system, which has become completely Asian and Hispanic dominated since 1965. It was intended to help Europeans but through sheer numbers of applicants Europe suffers badly.

Ireland, north and south, will get a grand total of 76 visas, despite the fact it was the Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform that won them from a reluctant Congress.

Despite having more Medal of Honor winners, helping the Union stay together during the Civil War and inventing the Catholic health and school system, Ireland finishes way behind some interesting countries.

There is Afghanistan with 285 visas, Syria with 356, Iran with 4,500, Saudi Arabia with 253, and Libya with 273. Ask 99 percent of Americans and they would say Ireland certainly deserves to be considered for much higher numbers, not to mention all they have contributed to America. But such is the political correctness that Ireland are even comes in behind Mali, in Africa (see the full list below).

It is not good enough and high time immigration self-corrected from the 1965 Act, which quite rightly removed the overwhelming European bias, but in the process ended immigration except in tiny numbers from the countries that helped make America great.

No less a figure than Ted Kennedy recognized the bias at the end of his career and was trying to correct it.

The new president should make it a priority.