11/30/2009 09:09 AM

I predict Susan Boyle will break one million sales for her debut album in America — making it the best-ever debut album in American history and beating rapper Eminem's first CD.

Results will be known Tuesday, but given her phenomenal success in Britain, it is a bet I would love to have.

Susan's extraordinary success in breaking all British chart numbers, with more than 400,000 sales of her debut album "I Dreamed a Dream" — makes her one for the record books, literally.

That is quite a feat for the Scottish songstress, who has endured more negative press and tabloid tattle than any star in recent memory — even the cruel, unbelievable rant of a former BBC host who called her "retarded."

I am delighted for Susan and her fans, many of whom I have gotten to know through this website. Susan spoke to them in a way that the mainstream media never fully understood. Her life story of struggle and unlikely success mirrors theirs own struggles — and they feel a unity with her they never would with any other performer.

She does not have the Hollywood glitz, or the perfect world so many stars try to inhabit. Indeed, in her interviews, she is more an ordinary person than we could ever imagine. It is that ordinary quality that endears her to fans, who don't want performers who are botoxed, blow-dried and babble-mouthed.

Everyone is now trying to jump on board — even "BGT" judge Piers Morgan. According to The Sun, Morgan is now taking credit for her success because she came to the audition out of a desire to meet him.

Morgan said: It's all down to me. And given that Simon Cowell will be making millions from her over the next few years, I can't wait to see my cut of the profits — though I suspect it will involve a lot of naughts with no other number in front of them."

"Susan Boyle is a phenomenon, a one-woman tidal wave of hope and inspiration who makes you feel just a little bit better about life."

"Without 'Britain's Got Talent,' Susan Boyle would have probably carried on living alone with her cat, never knowing if she had what it takes to be a star.

"Now she knows the answer. And so, judging by the incredible sales of her album, which has gone straight to the top of the charts, does the entire world."