The meteoric rise to stardom enjoyed by Susan Boyle has been as impressive as it has been unbelievable, but one of our eagle-eyed Subo watchers, Suzanne Plourde, sent me in the following list of achievements that left me breathless.

With kudos to Suzanne for compiling such a list, I have decided to share her Susan record breakers with you all:

-"Britain's Got Talent" runner-up Susan Boyle made history by releasing the best-selling debut album - since records began.

-"I Dreamed a Dream "is now the first album ever to debut at No. 1 and stay there for five weeks in a row - since Billboard started keeping score in the 1950s.

She is the first artist in the 53-year history of the chart to have a debut album open No. 1 and stay in that position for the following four weeks, surpassing Lauryn Hill and Ashanti, whose albums held for three.

-Within a week of her original audition, Boyle's Wikipedia page was viewed more than 66 million times - an online record.

-Susan Boyle Tops Amazon Chart With November Release

By the time of its official release, "I Dreamed a Dream" had also become the biggest pre-order in the history of the music store, outselling Whitney Houston and the Beatles on the best-sellers list and, according to Columbia, broken pre-sales records on QVC and Barnes & Noble online.

-Susan Boyle Special breaks TV Guide Network ratings records

TV Guide Network's exclusive broadcast of "I Dreamed A Dream: The Susan Boyle Story" became the No.1 rated special in the network's history.
It achieved a triple digit audience increase (up 404 percent).

-Susan Boyle's 'Wild Horses' takes 'America's Got Talent' away
The 'Britain's Got Talent' runner up nearly steals the show from 'AGT' winner.

-Susan Boyle interview trumps President Obama's prime time address
No one — not even the president of the United States — can stop worldwide singing sensation Susan Boyle.

-Susan Boyle Tops YouTube's 2009 Videos Watched More Than 120 Million Times
Susan Boyle's audition video has been viewed worldwide over 300 million times according to visible measures (303,236,071)

-Top Twitter Trends Of 2009 - Michael Jackson, Susan Boyle, Adam Lambert

-Susan Boyle in online MTV News 'Top Ten Of The Year'.

-Susan Boyle becomes a Harper's Bazaar magazine 'Cover Girl' in September of 2009.
(Harper's Bazaar is a well-known American fashion magazine, first published in 1867. Considered to be the style resource for "the well-dressed woman and the well-dressed mind".)

-Sales Records-

Susan Boyle's debut smashes U.S. chart records
Susan has set the high mark for a chart debut in 2009 at 701,000, the highest debut ever for a female solo artist on the Billboard 200 in the SoundScan era.
"I Dreamed a Dream" has the biggest debut of 2009, beating Eminem's Relapse (608,000), the previous record was held by Ashanti's self-titled 2002 debut, which sold 503,000 in its first week.
Even with the top 12 albums all selling over 100,000 copies for the best retail weekend of the year to date, Boyle's feat easily outstripped the more modest numbers put up by four other eagerly anticipated potential holiday blockbusters (Adam Lambert, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Shakira).

Susan Boyle's "Dream" holds On To Billboard #1
"I Dreamed a Dream," easily holds onto the top spot on the Billboard 200 chart, 527000 copies in its second week, breaking another U.S. record.
Since its release last week, Boyle's album has sold almost three million copies worldwide and hit the #1 spot in Australia, Ireland, Canada and New Zealand.

Susan Boyle tops chart for third week
The British reality-TV show contestant sold 582,000 copies of "I Dreamed a Dream" during the week ended December 13, according to Nielsen SoundScan.
So far, her debut album has sold 1.8 million copies and is racing after Taylor Swift's "Fearless," currently the top selling album of 2009 with 2.7 million.

Susan Boyle tops Album sales for fourth week
Susan Boyle's "I Dreamed a Dream" held onto the #1 spot on the Billboard albums sales chart for a fourth consecutive week
Boyle’s collection posted a 14% sales increase over last week, logging 661,000 copies (up 14 per cent) heading into the final days before Christmas, according to Nielsen SoundScan.
That puts the album’s four-week total at 2.4 million, ahead of Michael Jackson’s “Number Ones” and behind only Taylor Swift’s “Fearless” on the list of the biggest-selling albums of 2009.

Susan Boyle tops Billboard for fifth week, with Mary J. Blige at #2
SuBo has sold nearly 3 million albums so far, almost matching Taylor Swift's Fearless total.
Boyle has been on such a run that her totals in just under a month and a half almost equal the 2009 figures for the year's sales champ, Taylor Swift's "Fearless."
Susan Boyle's "I Dreamed a Dream" holds at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart for a fifth consecutive week, selling another 510,000 copies.
"Dream" has sold more than half a million copies in each of its first five weeks of release -- something only four albums have done since SoundScan began tracking data in 1991.

*note - this is only a partial list.
Susan Boyle has broken so many records in such a short time, it is nearly impossible to keep up with.
Therefore I would wager that she is not a 'flash-in-the-pan'.

Why she is being treated as a second-class citizen of pop music is beyond me.

Let the record speak for itself.
NZ: 9x Platinum
AUS: 8x Platinum
UK: 5x Platinum
US: 2x Platinum
CAN: 3x Platinum

Worldwide: ~5 Million Sales in ~6 weeks.

Top that.

Told you folks, Suzanne sent in some list. Don't be shy in sending in your favorite Subo findings!