Sarah Palin's Palm Pilot moment is no big deal. The Democrats are looking foolish with their attacks on her because she just used an earlier form of technology.

Frank Rich in The New York Times makes it sound like its a treasonable offense. Lighten up folks -- there is nothing new in the world. The invention of the telegraph was once the Twitter of its day. It is all about how you communicate.

Whatis Barack Obama's TelePrompter, or Bill Clinton's well-practiced moment of reflection before answering a question? British Prime Minister Harold Wilson used to light his pipe before answering a particularly tough one. An Irish politician I knew used to start by thanking the questioner for the question in order to give himself a little more time to come up with an answer.

They are means to deliver the message and Palin should not be criticized. In this day and age, she knows every word she utters is watched like a hawk.

Whatever else she is, she is certainly able to deliver a speech -- which she did at the Republican National Convention in 2008 just a week after being chosen. Even the McCain people had to agree that was a stem-winder.

What is the difference between glancing down at notes and glancing at your hand? Nothing whatsoever. In fact, it's even a little bit endearing, a bit of '60s technology in a super-sized age.

Democrats should know better on this one.