The heartrending scenes from Haiti, where up to 100,000 may be dead, have failed to move the flinty heart of right wing radio host Rush Limbaugh.

He told his listeners today not to donate to Haiti because the crisis was being used by President Obama.

Sure, in the same way the Holocaust was used by Jews so they could get a sympathetic hearing ever after.

Limbaugh has crossed a line of fundamental decency here, one that I'm sure will haunt him for ever more.

Haiti is suffering its own version of a Holocaust, with 3 million of its people touched by the tragedy of the worst earthquake in over 200 years.

Limbaugh used the dreadful aftermath to score a cheap political point against the President.

He has disgraced himself and the conservative movement that looks to him as their champion.

Such callousness in the face of human suffering has not been seen since the time of Hitler, when millions approving as Jews were led to the gas chambers.

Rush might have liked to have strutted his stuff back then, too, and demand that no one help the Jews either because many of them were too liberal for their own good.

I hope the cries and screams of the dying carry on the wind from Haiti and disturb your sleep, Rush.

You have disgraced yourself utterly.