Ray Kelly let rip in a frank interview with "Playboy"

Hooray for Ray Kelly, who says politicians are "full of sh**" for the way they abandoned him during the recent mayoral election. He was speaking in a frank Playboy interview.

He has kept New York safer than any police commissioner in history, has an approval rating of 75 percent and is beloved by millions of New Yorkers

We had the pleasure of hosting Kelly at our Wall Street 50 event this summer and the reaction to him was incredible.

People see a straight shooter, a man of integrity doing an incredibly difficult job for a very modest salary. One can only imagine the stresses and strains he faced on a daily basis in this dangerous world, yet on the evening of our event he was as always, courteous to a fault, and spoke about his fierce commitment to his city and its safety.

It was at a time when he was coming under scrutiny for "stop and frisk" in crime-ridden neighborhoods and there was something deeply unfair about the way he was being targeted, especially by the incoming mayor Bill de Blasio.

De Blasio rode stop and frisk all the way to City Hall, bitterly condemning Kelly for the policy, despite the fact, as Kelly noted, de Blasio and others had frequently called him looking for advice.

There is something out of whack in New York City when the most successful police commissioner in history, one who dragged homicide levels down to what they were fifty years ago, is targeted and vilified by the politicians.

Kelly kept New York safe in perhaps the most dangerous time in its history after 9/11. As thanks he gets dragged through the mud by pols not fit to tie his shoelaces

It is all part of an incredibly cynical game where vilifying a decent and honorable man becomes a political sport.

I’m glad Ray Kelly answered his detractors and I hope he continues to confront these newly minted critics.

Ray Kelly is not a man to mince words and he certainly did not in his Playboy exit interview. He is speaking the truth, no matter how inconvenient it is for the new mayor.