“Putting wings on pigs” was the disgusting phrase used to justify the killing of two NYPD cops on Saturday by a deranged monster whose name I won’t even use.

It was the ultimate outcome of the demonization of cops aided, alas, by New York Mayor Bill De Blasio, who in recent weeks has questioned if cops can be trusted.

He never sought to see the other side enough – how fearful cops can be and what happens when they are targeted.

Let me give one example: Officer Eddie Byrne was only 22, when he was shot in the head on February 26, 1988 as he was guarding a home in Jamaica, Queens, owned by a family due to provide testimony against local drug gangs.

I have gotten to know Eddie’s brother Larry, a lawyer who is the NYPD deputy commissioner for legal matters.

He has told me of the trauma his family goes through every two years as the convicted killers are up for parole and his family has to marshal the legal forces to ensure they never walk the streets again. 

“This is the second time they are up for parole and they will get parole hearings every two years for the rest of their lives. This was such a brutal, brazen crime and they should never get parole,” Larry told the Irish Voice recently.

The family still grieves for the rookie cop, who was dreadfully alone in the patrol car when the killers gunned him down.

I thought of the Byrne family and the trauma they still go through when the news of the two policemen killed in Brooklyn hit.

Again, they were two heroes doing their job, protecting and patrolling in a high crime neighborhood. Again, two deeply traumatized families are left behind.

The crazed gunman claiming he did the killings in revenge for Eric Garner and Michael Brown has touched off a deeply dangerous firestorm.

The angry scenes that greeted Mayor de Blasio when he went to the hospital to pay his respects from police officers and unions who turned their backs on him were all too easy to understand.

Following the Eric Garner killing, de Blasio had overstepped the mark, claiming that people like his bi-racial son Dante should fear the cops.

Yes, there are bad cops and the killing of Eric Garner was a disgrace as was that of Michael Brown in Ferguson, but the mayor went way too far suggesting that every cop was a mortal enemy.

The thin blue line, as Commissioner Bratton noted on Saturday night, are all that stands between a city and anarchy. The NYPD has done an incredible job lowering the crime rate in New York City and protecting the public.

Police are not the problem. Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu were guarding citizens and protecting New Yorkers when they were killed.

But Mayor de Blasion seems to march to the Al Sharpton drumbeat when it comes to police. He has learnt a bitter lesson that demonizing cops, like demonizing African Americans, ends up only with the hate and violence we have seen.

Two cops are dead, murdered execution style. Two African Americans are dead, Michael Brown and Eric Garner killed when they should not have been.

Now New York needs a healer, not a divider.  

Mayor de Blasio chose sides and is not that man.