Read more: President Obama confirms Irish visit for May

The announcement of the Obama trip to Ireland is the best news possible for Ireland.

I'm delighted to say that Irishcentral were the first to predict this story several months ago, as we received indications that it was under active consideration

At a time when the focus on Ireland has been so negative the Obama announcement sends a jolt of positive energy through the current negative vibes about Ireland.

His visit will once again focus on the massive connections between Ireland and the US and will prove a tourism and hopefully, investment bonanza.

It will be an unbelievable month of May for Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny who will also greet the Queen of England on e r visit there.

There is no question that he will much prefer the Obama visit which will allow him international attention and focus of a positive nature which Ireland desperately needs.

The Queen's visit will raise many hackles in Ireland and will be a tense visit throughout I predict.

For Obama it isa win-win too going to Ireland ,giving him bragging rights with the 40 million Irish Americans who will love to see their president on their ancestral soil.

All in all a great day for the Irish!

Read more: President Obama confirms Irish visit for May