Is there anything more ridiculous than the 'controversy' over Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly's alleged views on abortion?

Some Notre Dame blog sites are trying to stir trouble by claiming that Kelly supports abortion rights and that his wife does too. This they claim, should disqualify him from coaching the Fighting Irish
What this has to do with football is beyond me. After all Lou Holtz was in deep water when he made a favorable comment about Adolf Hitler on ESPN a while back. It was dumb as a post but did it reflect on the fact that he was a great football coach? No
I have no idea what Charlie Weis's political opinions were but he was a bad college coach irrespective.
That is the reality. We live in an era where people on both left and right are trying to politicize everything, including unfortunately, glorious fall days watching college football.
Brian Kelly could be Hindu for all most of the Notre Dame fan base care. They desperately want a winner at all costs. Trying to bad mouth him because of his alleged political views is completely crazy -- and a waste of everyone's time.