It is that time of year again when the great guessing game begins about what the new year will bring. It will be an exciting one in our field with elections in Ireland and America and the 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising on the horizon.

So here goes:

Feel free to predict your own in the comments section.

President of the United States

The first woman, Hillary Clinton.

Given the Russian roulette the GOP are playing with Donald Trump the most polarizing politician in a lifetime, there seems every likelihood that Hillary will win big.

Vice President

Senator Tim Kaine.

The senator from Virginia hits the spot. He’s from a critical must-win state, was an excellent governor, and is now a popular senator. His Irish American heritage will also help with Catholics.

I predict First Man Bill Clinton, will play an increasing role in the campaign and when Hillary gets to the White House will be her most valuable asset.

Senate Majority Leader

Senator Charles Schumer.

Trump or Cruz will weigh down the Republican ticket so much that the senate will change hands

House Speaker

Paul Ryan.

It would have to be landslide proportions to see the Dems win the House. Also, Ryan is by far the most gifted politician on the Republican side. I’ll bet the RNC wishes they had him in the presidential race.

Next Irish Prime Minister

Enda Kenny.

With an election due in mid-February it seems certain that Kenny and Fine Gael will come back as the largest party. Kenny will cobble together a new coalition as his current partners, Labour, will undergo a major collapse. Independents and the Labour rump may be enough to form a government.

Super Bowl Winners

Arizona Cardinals.

Made the playoffs last year with a third string quarterback.Can go all the way this year with first choice QB Carson Palmer leading the way.

College Playoff Championship Winners


Alabama because when it comes to this time of year it always seems to be men against boys when the Crimson Tide get rolling.


(Whether Britain will vote to leave European Union)

In 2017 Britain will vote narrowly against leaving the European Union, heeding last minute pleas from the great and the good to stay. We really don't want the Northern Irish border physically reconstructed as would have to happen



ISIS will be well on the way to oblivion by mid-year. A successful pact focusing on ISIS not Assad will mean a multinational effort to drive them from Syria and Iraq.

Oscars Final Prediction

Saoirse Ronan will win best actress for Brooklyn.