“These newspapers have us in their power and can destroy us as they please.”

Donald Trump complaining about his coverage? No, General William Sherman writing to General Henry Halleck during the US Civil War bemoaning his coverage in the media.

When it comes to blaming folks the media has been a whipping boy for every politician and many generals especially in the modern era. Indeed complaints about media go back to Roman times.

But Donald Trump takes it a step further abusing and threatening journalists at his public meetings, pointing them out to the crowd.

That became so dangerous that Katy Tur of NBC who had annoyed Trump over her reporting was given secret service protection as she left the venue.

Trump says he would be up by twenty points were it not for the media which is hilarious if it were not so serious.

New Florida poll shows Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump by 9 points https://t.co/7orknnmBjS pic.twitter.com/meRvUcZmtV

— CNN (@CNN) August 17, 2016

Was it the media who forced him to attack a gold star father and mother? Was it the media that pushed him to making a deeply ambiguous statement about second amendment people and Hillary Clinton?

Was it the media who forced him to imitate in the cruelest way possible a New York Times reporter with a disability?

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What is extraordinary is that Trump was allowed to get away with his threats and bullying for so long,

Surprisingly, it was Fox News who stood up to him best in the early stages when Megyn Kelly asked him about horrific statements he had made about women and Latino minorities.

Soon after however Fox and Kelly were cosying up to him again and became cheerleaders, in the case of Sean Hannity to an embarrassing extent. He has done everything but climb obto Trump's lap for a cuddle.

The other media loved him during the primaries for his impact on ratings.  Trump is like the imminent car crash you can't take your eyes off of him and he garnered huge ratings boosts.

Little wonder that Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz complained bitterly about all the free publicity Trump enjoyed.

They were right but that has all changed since the primary season has ended.

Almost overnight Trump went from a likeable rogue to a dangerous buffoon. He did so mostly through his own hand and by the media who discovered their real role and began to pound him on his errors.

'Daily Show': A 'gentle breeze' is a bigger threat to Trump than terrorism @dmoyeweirdnews https://t.co/0pydJYiyNk pic.twitter.com/ZFnbLufD67

— Huffington Post (@HuffingtonPost) August 17, 2016

Suddenly the reality show star faced reality. His path to the presidency, so smooth during the primary, hit a rock in the road called the mainstream media,

And yes they piled on because Trump gave them the opportunity too, so foolishly with his convention full of hate and harangues (Remember demented Rudy Giuliani?) and family members whose only claim to ability was they all worked for daddy.

He imploded further during the Democratic convention questioning the gold star mother and father and the ugly paranoid, hateful side of the billionaire emerged.

Hillary Clinton must be looking on with an amused smile as she watches Trump get beaten up. She suffered the same fate in 2008 when the media anointed Barack Obama early on because he was by far the more interesting story and she found herself nailed to the floor as Obama soared.

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Now it is Trump’s turn to feel the flak and unlike Clinton he seems utterly unprepared for it. In fact his campaign is stumbling so bad there are fears he will not make it to the finish line and may irrevocably split his party..

It is time to applaud the media however belatedly, in finally doing their job exposing the joker who sought the crown.

David Axelrod, Obama’s mentor explained how presidential campaign ends up as an xray of the soul in which the real person eventually emerges in full scan..

It is devastatingly clear since the conventions that Americans don't like the real Donald Trump. The media is uncovering the man in full and America dislikes what it sees.

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