Ronan Tynan has decided to leave New York after death threats, boycotts and angry emails put him under pressure to move.

The Irish-born Tynan is quitting New York for Boston and has not ruled out singing ‘America the Beautiful’ at Red Sox games. Since 9/11 up to last year, he had become a fixture doing the same at Yankees games.

The Irish tenor has now purchased an apartment in Boston. His relationship with the New York Yankees ended since he was accused of anti-Semitic remarks by a woman looking at an apartment in his building last October 16th.

Tynan stated to The New York Times that death threats, angry emails and a surgeon who wrote saying he would let him die on the operating table was particularly difficult.

Tynan also told of an experience where a leading chef would not let him sit with a table of customers because one of them, a Jewish man, refused to meet him.

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“It hasn’t driven me out, because I love this city so much, but it has saddened me. I’ve cried and I’ve laughed with New Yorkers, irrespective of creed or whether they’re Jewish or Catholic or Protestant.

“I made a comment that was misunderstood,” said Tynan, a medical doctor who first shot to fame as part of the Irish Tenors.
He had both of his legs amputated below the knee as a child because of a congenital condition.

"If anyone knows the pain of discrimination, I do,” he told the newspaper.

Tynan made what he admitted was an anti-Semitic remark on October 16, which he said was in jest after two Jewish women had looked at an apartment in his building.

Subsequently, the real estate agent told him the apartment had been sold and Tynan replied, “As long as they are not the Jewish ladies.” A Jewish woman with the real estate agent overheard the remark and complained to the building and the Yankees.

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The Yankees quickly banned him and never relented despite his best efforts. Tynan has now sold his apartment and bought one in Boston.

The Yankees issued a terse statement saying, “We wish him all the best,” when the news broke. Tynan wore a World Series ring when interviewed by The Times.

As for singing for the Red Sox, Tynan would not rule it out “We’ll see", he said.