Connections between Ireland and Haiti are incredibly strong. Many of the Irish relief agencies such as Concern and Goal provide the bulk of the humanitarian services to the country and they have a long and honorable record of helping the poverty stricken Caribbean country.

Many Irish American supporters of Concern and Goal have spent considerable time working in Haiti and their prayers will be with the people now and any Irish volunteers who have been caught up in the horrific aftermath.

Irish billionaire businessman Denis O'Brien has invested more in Haiti through Digicell, his mobile phone company, than anywhere else in the world. In addition to creating the phone network singlehandedly, he has also donated massive amounts to the country to fight the incredible poverty there.

In October of last last over 250 Irish volunteers commenced a major house building operation on the island. They were led by George Hook, the well known Irish radio personality who broke down in tears as he described the horrific conditions they endured.

Just recently a new organization "The Soul of Haiti Foundation" was established in Dublin by over 80 business leaders. The aim of the group was to improve economic and social conditions in the country. A group from Haiti came to Ireland soon after the launch of the group and met with leading politicians to discuss what Ireland could do. No doubt that help is needed now more than ever.