A perfect gingerbread White House

PHOTOS: Inside the White House media Christmas Party

White House: A visit to the White House is always to be treasured, but at Christmas time it becomes truly special.

My wife Debbie and I were invited on White House press night when the media gathers to meet the president.

Waiting in line to meet President Obama and First Lady Michelle is a little like waiting for communion.

We shuffle forward slowly until suddenly there we are in a small room with the President and First Lady and the marine guard announcing the next guest.

It all seems a little surreal as Obama shakes our hands, indulges in polite conversation for a minute or two about his Irish trip and hope for immigration reform and then we pose with him and Michelle.

You can never say enough about the magic of the White House at Christmas; it is truly the most magnificent venue in the world to observe the festivities.

It makes you incredibly proud of this country as your stroll the halls Lincoln walked, the rooms the Kennedy family gathered in, the East Room where Reagan spoke on so many occasions.

Now it is the realm of the Obamas, but the history of the place overwhelms any single president.

It is a rare highlight and my wife and I enjoyed it as a great occasion. Here are some pictures we took inside the sanctum on Christmas 2013.


PHOTOS: Inside the White House media Christmas Party