The best idea I've heard about ensuring gun control laws pass Congress is to show the bodies of the dead children.

We have avoided that issue, for all the obvious reasons, but maybe it would take something as horrific as that to bring sense to the monstrous NRA and their yahoos in Congress.

Let Paul Ryan and Governor Nitwit in Florida argue after the pictures are shown that it is not the time to discuss gun laws or change the murderous system that allows insane characters to buy guns at will.

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Let’s actually see what a semi automatic burst of gunfire does to a six year old victim at Sandy Hook or a schoolgirl's innocent face in Florida. Just listen to the sounds of the gun firing at innocent children in Florida in the CNN clip we have highlighted and imagine what the bullets were doing to human flesh.

We should all be forced to look at the grisly pictures of kids with half their heads blown off or, as in the case of Sandy Hook, the fingertips of the little children blown away as they tried to protect themselves.

I suggest a front row seat for Paul Ryan, Donald Trump and Marco Rubio.

The impact of the dead bodies might be what finally forces the NRA gun nuts to admit what is blatantly obvious, they are making money on the bodies of our school children. The non-existent gun laws are killing our most innocent and blameless.

Former Attorney General Eric Holder stated that gun control would have passed if the public had seen the human carnage of the little faces and bodies of the children at Sandy Hook like he did.

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He has a point, indeed, as has also been pointed out, it was only after photographs of lynched black people were released that action followed

Equally, with the Vietnam War it was only after the horrific impact of bombing civilians (remember the little girl with the burning skin running naked?) became obvious on the nightly news that the antiwar movement took hold.

We live more than ever in a visual world and perhaps a "before and after" view of the slaughtered children might knock some sense into Trump and his NRA cronies.

Getting rich on the bodies of little children is a pretty nasty way to make a living but as long as the real consequences of what these guns are doing are hidden we will never feel the full impact.

It is time to tell the truth and forget about the Hollywood version of painless dying and show the dreadful reality of death by submachine gun fire.

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Let’s see the second amendment absolutists defend those autopsy pictures rather than arguing in the abstract as if no horrific injuries and suffering had occurred to the most innocent in our society.

They know they can’t and never will. Let’s expose what they are desperate to cover-upthe riddled bodies of the dead children they build their profits on.