Just when you thought the 2016 presidential campaign could not get any weirder along comes the sex scandal. We are told by the Trumpeteers that Bill Clinton’s alleged affairs before and after he became president will be a key part of the next presidential debate. We have been told Mercy Donald Trump and his surrogates are busy spreading the word they will confront Hillary with her husband’s affairs and her role in being quite nasty in getting rid of the women who slept with her husband.

What on earth was she supposed to do with these women? Embrace Jennifer Flowers, make tea for Monica Lewinsky, makey uppy with Paula Jones?

She believed herself a betrayed woman and there was no doubt she blamed the women as much as her husband for the embarrassment of it all.

Hillary did what any scorned woman would do, lashing out at the offending women and driving them off her patch.

Trump is trying to say she acted wrongly in doing so. What pray should she have done?

The sleaze mongers, David Bannon, late of scandal rag Breitbart News and now campaign manager leads the charge. David Bossie, founder of Citizens United who specialises in fabulous conspiracy theories usually just vicious gossip, and Roger Stone who spends his life peddling Hilary conspiracy stories have taken over Camp Trump and turned it into the National Enquirer East.

No slur, scandal or fake rumor is to be passed up it seems. No doubt the Donald’s poodles Sean Hannity and the Fox and Friends hard hitting morning crew will dispense the attacks as ordered.

The fact that this topic was hashed out ad nauseum back in the 1990s and that Republicans lost the public relations battle decisively sends no alarm signal apparently to the Trump felon setters, Bill Clinton left office with higher approval ratings than Ronald Reagan a fact conveniently forgotten nowadays.

I’m sure the Clintons, married 42 years, will relish the opportunity to discuss their marriage and their relationship. Whatever problems they had were worked through rather than running to divorce lawyers.

I have been often in their company. If it is a sham marriage they are surely great actors, both are political junkies, fascinated with policy and constantly talking political developments.

They are husband and wife, parents, grandparents with a shared history of well over 40 years. No one can fake it that long.

Such is not the case with his protagonists. The main accuser is Donald Trump married three times, accused of marital rape by his first wife,. He has been taped making hideous remarks about women on radio and television shows, most notably the Howard Stern show. On one of Stern’s shows, Donald’s naked wife, our possible future first lady Melania flirts with Stern telling him she’s pretty much naked and inviting him round to their hotel room..

Then there is Rudy Giuliani who told a TV audience he was getting divorced before he told his wife, also has three wives. He married his first cousin then got an annulment based on the proposition that they had never consummated the marriage.

Then there’s Newt Gingrich, provocateur in chief, who also has three wives and divorced his first when she's suffering from cancer.

That leaves a total of three men with nine wives accusing a couple who have been married 42 years to each other of behaving badly.

The words hypocrisy and insanity come to mind if this becomes the centerpiece of the Trump campaign in the next debate.

But the three a.m. tweeter shows no sign of backing off his new obsession, showing the Clintons were sex fiends while he was simon pure. One wonders what universe he is living, perhaps Bizzaro the planet where Superman’s ugly double reigns in the Superman comics and eveything is back to front.

Sometimes it feels this entire election is being fought out on Bizzaro.

The Donald would feel right at home there.