The Guinness brewery fire will raise fears about a shortage of the Black Stuff as Guinness is known locally,over the Christmas period. Clearly it was a major fire with 11 fire brigades at one point being called

The country is flooded with returned emigrants over the Holiday period and the first order of business is usually toasting friends and good fellowship with a pint of the black stuff.
A Guinness shortage would rank right up there with a national emergency. Fortunately, it is likely that supplies have been ordered well in advance for the Christmas season
Worse, however, it may put a downer on one of Dublin's biggest attractions, the Guinness Store House where visitors every year get to witness up close and personal the Guinness magic. It is a multi million dollar revenue generator badly needed in these trying times
No details yet obviously if that attraction is now closed but here's hoping if it is, it will be a temporary arrangement.