Let history witness that the person currently closest to bringing down the entire legal system in the United States, as well as former president Donald Trump, is what old-time bible thumpers called a “Fallen Woman."

Stormy Daniels has lived up to her first name and then some. Her decision to take hush money to buy her silence over her sex encounter of the worst kind with the former president has now shaken the Republic like nothing since the traitor Benedict Arnold fled to the British side during the Revolutionary War.

The political landscape in America has changed utterly since Trump happened along in 2016. We are now in unknown territory, with a crisis a day tearing communities even further apart.

There is no silver lining in the indictment of Donald Trump. It is historic only like Pearl Harbor was historic in its immense loss of life. Right now, it is the legal system in America that is groaning and bending under the strain of the deep and seemingly unpassable divisions in American life.

“Can’t we all get along?" Rodney King, who was beaten to a pulp by Los Angeles Police, made that simple wish when asked what he wanted for America back in 1991.

We are no closer to a coming together. Alas, it appears we can no longer get along. A night spent watching Fox News followed by a night of MSNBC would convince every self-respecting alien that America consisted of two countries, cast together by geographic accident but is in fact as far removed from each other as Alaska and Miami Beach.

There are no heroes anymore, it seems, except for people who clean up after mass shootings, and first responders who take out kid killers.

The face of America these days is that of a hysterical, crying young girl fleeing a mass shooting while the gun lobby works feverishly to enlarge access to guns.

Is it possible that America prefers guns to their kids? Insane as it sounds, some may truly hold that belief.