Bill O'Reilly will kill Lincoln all right. His upcoming book entitled 'Killing Lincoln' will allegedly be an insight into the death of our most famous president, as viewed through the eyes of a Fox News anchor.

This should make interesting reading. Will O'Reilly divine what ' the folks' at the time really felt about Lincoln? Will his talking points memo say that Lincoln moved to quick too soon on that pesky Negro emancipation stuff ?

Will John Wilkes Booths' brothers, supporters, Tea Party links be explored? Were there co- conspirators? Where was General Grant on the night in question? Cui bono--who benefited?

Did Booth really break his ankle when he jumped on to the stage at the Ford Theater? Perhaps two modern day doctors could dispute.

Then there's the gun Wilkes Booth had. He was perfectly entitled to own it of course, he needed it like all God fearing Americans. besides, he saw what Sherman did to the south and he was merely using it for self protection.

And what about Mrs Lincoln? Was she having an affair? Get Geraldo on here to discuss. Perhaps she was having it off with Edward Stanton, who remains a mysterious figure in all of this?

Haven't you heard that the Booth diary was missing eighteen pages and that Stanton might have torn them out? -- heck its Lincolngate!

Heath care! Did Lincoln get the proper care? The hospital was government run so clearly not. Newt Gingrich can explain why.

Up next Fox News will discuss the death of Julius Caesar and ask was Anthony really guilty or was he just worried about a communist takeover. Glenn Beck will lead the discussion