New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, right,
Queen Elizabeth II of Britain, left as her husband Prince Philip watches (Credit:AP)

The mystery over what Mike Bloomberg will do when he stops being Mayor of New York seems to be solved.

The New York Times reveals today that Bloomberg wants more than anything to be British and is building the ultimate vanity project in Britain, his own ‘grandiose’ development in London’s financial district, named after himself--who else?
The article also reveals that Mayor Mike loves to attend Royal Ascot races in his top hat and tails and has stayed at the country home of Prince Charles. Thrilling stuff!
The Times notes that, “He bought a box at Ascot, the high-society horse racing grounds, and flew in celebrities by helicopter from London. (Guests received a photograph of themselves drinking Champagne with the top-hatted host.)”
The Boston-born, New York Jewish mayor has clearly had a major attack of Anglophilia, an incurable affliction when it infects American wannabes.
Mike is buying his way into high society in London. “There is no question,” Ms. Peyton-Jones, an art gallery director said, “he’s among the most important supporters of contemporary culture in this country.”
I’m sure he is and I’m sure the Brits are snickering all the way to the bank with the NY mayor Brit wannabe writing all the checks they want.
As The Times notes, Mr. Bloomberg, “an Anglophile with a taste for English Regency style — is exporting his vast quantities of financial, social and political capital to this ancient city, where he has long yearned for influence.”
Regency style dear reader is when you are a fan of the neo-classical architecture that reigned during the time of George IV, who ruled in the early 1800s. Bronx residents will be very familiar with it and speak of little else. Bloomberg Place, The Times tells us, is “roughly the size of a Manhattan city block, is the future European home of Michael R. Bloomberg’s company and charity.” And perhaps Bloomberg itself, it seems like. 
So intent is Mike on making an impression that Prime Minister David Cameron has roguishly suggested he should run for Mayor of London.
The Royal family are also in his sights and he spent a night at the home of Prince Charles in Scotland but alas, didn’t like it; “Won’t stay there again,” he said of the vast estate. Bloomberg it appears offers considerable help to Conservative party politicians. He dispatched a top PR team to help David Cameron get elected and has spent $1.5 million on Conservative candidates.
It is all a long way from the Bronx and Staten Island and their mundane concerns. But Mayor Mike will surely do us all proud as a British wannabe. 
Reader it is only a matter of time before we’ll be referring to Sir Mike and bowing and scraping in his presence!
When you are knighted you have to walk backwards out of the room so as not to show your rear end to the monarch. 
Hope Mike doesn’t make a horse’s ass of that.