Last week I wrote that Congressman Anthony Weiner of New York was surely the victim of a set up over the Twitter sex photo because I believed no one in his position would be so stupid as to risk his promising career.

Duh. Turns out I was the dumb one.

Weiner came to my office three weeks ago and made a big play for Irish Americans support ---I was taken by his sincerity.

Which just goes to show whaddya I know?

Turns out Anthony was living up to his last name by tweeting his weiner and other body part all around the Internet.

This from a man widely considered to be favorite to become the next Mayor of New York.

It was the kind of reckless behavior that makes you wonder whether the man had a brain in his head.

Obviously not because he still refused to step down after being literally exposed.

He is busted flush, a flaccid weiner, a spent force.

We all now who is smiling tonight---- City Speaker Christine Quinn who is in a great position now o build a big lead with her biggest opponent out of the way.

The Irish Americans looks to have one foot in Gracie Mansions after this combustion happened.

Which goes to show a week is a long time in politics for a weiner.