Walmart is marketing drunken leprechaun wine to their customers this St.Patrick’s Day.

The white wine bottles replete with a drunken leprechaun ready to swig from the bottle are on sale in their stores. This photograph was taken in Albuquerque New Mexico by Trish Meyer, originally from Dublin.

She sent in the above photograph with her comments.

She writes "I complained to Walmart about their "Happy St. Patrick's Day" wine - featuring a drunken leprechaun and a pot of gold (see image attached). She has yet to receive a response.

She writes "They wouldn't think of putting a sombrero on Our Lady of Guadalupe to celebrate Mexican heritage, so why is it's okay to associate our patron saint with leprechauns?

She stated the wine was for sale near the entrance and looked like "cheap plonk"

In her letter to Irishcentral she stated "I'm fine with using such imagery on "Celebrate Being Irish" hats and tees and so on, but the icon for St. Patrick should be a simple shamrock, which ties into how he explained the Holy Trinity to the native Irish. (The marketing arm at Guinness just uses an understated Shamrock.)

Am I the only Irish person who is annoyed that companies just want to make money off our Irish heritage while not having the first clue as to how to do it with respect?"

No Trish I don't think you are the only Irish person who feels that way but it is all too common around this time of year.

I'm just surprised that Walmart is buying into it as well

Maybe they should change their motto to 'everyday low standards.'