I look forward to reviewing these predictions at this time next year. In the meantime add your own crystal ball predictions.

1. An election in Ireland. The government there continues to skate on thin ice and the times are hard. Any unforeseen crisis could trigger an election. Don't automatically assume however, they would be turned out.

2. Against the odds Barack Obama will pass a version of immigration reform early in the new year. With Senator Chuck Schumer on board it has a real shot. There is no one better at counting votes.

3. President Obama will visit Ireland towards the end of 2010 on a European trip. It makes perfect sense in terms of 2012 and the mid-term 2010 elections.

4. Emigration will continue to kick in from Ireland as the economy continues to hurt. More will be headed to North America – especially if there is an immigration breakthrough.

5. A new version of Riverdance, updated for the new millennium, will be announced. It will be a new dance show with a much broader ethnic mix.

6.  The Labor Party will make a last gasp comeback in Britain and hold on to power which would be good for Northern Ireland policy.

7. An announcement that Queen Elizabeth will visit Ireland in 2011 will be made and met with mostly yawns.

8. Padraig Harrington will win the Masters at Augusta in April and make people forget about Tiger Woods for a while.

9. U2 album in June will be one of their best sellers because they are in the middle of a tour and will gain a whole lot of new fans as a result.

10. French soccer player Thierry Henry will break his hand in a collision during the 2010 World soccer cup in South Africa – poetic justice

11. Brian Kelly will win his first four games when he takes over the Notre Dame coaching job.

12. Susan Boyle will receive an honor from the Queen in the New Year honors list 2011.


An announcement of the queen's visit will be met with yawns, Niall O'Dowd predicts.