Niall Horan

Mullingar native Niall Horan said that he wishes fans would just talk instead of screaming when they meet him or the group One Direction. He said he would rather talk with them to hear what they had to say.

Horan said, “I wish when fans get 20 seconds with you, they would just sit and have a quick chat rather than just go, ‘Arrggghhhh,, arrggghhhh!’ in your face.”  “I just want to have a chat with them and hear what they have to say,” he said, according to Capital FM.

Although he may want to be down to earth when he meets fans, he wanted the group’s music video to be so ordinary. He told Capital FM about the video, “It’s kinda like the song. It’s not very energetic. It kinda explains the story of my life - hence the name of the song.” He continued, “We don’t really like doing normal music videos because if you’re going to do a video, you shoot a video every few months, you want it to be good.” Fans can expect an “event” for the music video to “Story Of My Life,” according to Horan.

Horan said, “our videos have become a bit of an event so we sit down with the whoever’s going to direct it and actually have a chat and let them know exactly what we want to do in the video.”

One Direction is currently in Australia on their “Take Me Home” tour. Their upcoming album titled “Midnight Memories” will debut the new song “Story of My Life.” The new single, which is more somber than the band's summer hit “Best Song Ever,” is available to download now and “Midnight Memories” will be released on November 25, 2013.