One Direction and Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber was left fuming and hung up on an interview after comments made by radio host Thomas Carballot took a jab at both Bieber’s mother and One Direction pal Harry Styles.
Digital Spy reports that Bieber hung up the phone and refused to rejoin an interview with Detroit's ‘Mojo In The Morning’ on Thursday when host Carballot asked Bieber, "Do you worry about Harry [Styles] around your mom, since he likes older women?"

Bieber asked the DJ to repeat the question, and after he did, Bieber responded by saying  "I think you should worry about your mom, though,.”

Carballot revealed that his mother was dead, to which Bieber responded by hanging up on the call.

Bieber’s management responded to the incident by saying  the Canadian superstar was "a little upset" by the question. After attempts by Bieber to reconnect to the call were failed, they added that he would “probably not” call the station back. 

Carballot has since defended himself by saying he only asked the question after Bieber’s girlfriend, popstar Selena Gomez, made cracks of the same nature on a talkshow.

The radio show’s producer Rachel Giordano said "She [Selena Gomez] made a comment that they'd been becoming friends with One Direction. She jokingly said: 'Ha ha, Justin said we need to keep our moms away because they're hot and young for Harry.’”

"So Justin made a joke, Selena was recounting that story and that's where [we] got it from."

Harry Styles, one of the five members are immensely popular boyband One Direction, has garnered a reputation for dating older women.

Prior to the incident, Bieber had referred to One Direction as “good kids.” Bieber has been rumored to be working on a collaboration with the band.