Put out that cigarette Lindsay Lohan!

Looks like Lindsay, 23, better add stopping smoking to her list of new year's resolutions

Lindsay Tweeted a picture of herself chilling out on a yacht in St Barts with a cigarette dangling from her left hand.

The Long Island native looks great in the photograph but the cigarette makes her look like trailer trash.

Lindsay, who says she was hanging out with little sis Ali, Usher, Beyonce and Jay Z (who she calls H.O.V?), tweeted from the swanky island on New Year's Eve.

"Wishing everyone a blessed new year in 2010! Everyone get ready for more (but positive-LOHAN MAYHEM!!!!!!!!). Thanks for all of your support!"

Lindsay spelled out her hopes for the future saying: "2010 is about moving forward, not backwards. Leaving the bad (people, habbits, (sic) and negative energy behind) time to make changes-right!?!? :)"

Let's hope she remembers to add smoking to her list of resolutions!
Lindsay's 2009 of course was marked by very public spats with her father Michael, an even more public break-up with girlfriend Samantha Ronson and her underwhelming debut fashion line with Ungaro.