Lindsay Lohan dresses like a nun to promote new movie

It's far from a saint this young actress is and to be fair she isn't very saint like in the new "Machete" poster that is circulating at the moment.

Lohan, 24, dons a nuns outfit while holding a gun pressed to her lips in the poster for her new movie, a movie she may not get to see as she will be behind bars serving 90 days for violating her probation on a 2007 DUI arrest.

Although Lohan is the face of the movie in the posters, she was left out of the new trailer for Robert Rodriguez's all-star movie when it was released last week.

That may have something to do with her impending jail time.

Rodriguez also refused to discuss Lohan during recent promotion for his new film "Predators."

But the actress, who is slated to be locked away when the film is released in September, is a big part of the film's promotion again, appearing in character as The Sister.