Kirsten Stewart feels under tremdendous pressure from her fans to the character of Bella Swan, in the “Twilight Saga” right.

The much loved books of Stephenie Meyers are so much under the scrutiny of the ‘Twi-hards’ that Stewart worries that she wont live up to the expectations of the much loved character.

“It’s just surreal to be a crucial part of a machine like this. I’m sort of the vessel. These girls are obsessed with Edward through me. If I wasn’t right I’d be persecuted and put on a cross.”

However she’s still really excited about playing out the next couple of years in the revered characters life. “I’m excited to go and do the next couple of years of Bella’s life,” she said.

Stewart also have the release of “The Runaways” to look forward to. The film tells the story of rocker Joan Jett. Stewart stars alongside Dakota Fanning.

“It was tough because I only had a really tiny window of free time, but I really wanted to make the movie. And I didn’t want to get any older than Joan was when she was in “The Runaways”. I just crammed it in and hoped it would work.”