Jim Carrey spotted with an Irish 26-year-old
Last month Jim Carrey was spotted on a Malibu beach with a mysterious brunette half his age. Now the cat is out of the bag.

The brunette is Cathriona White, 26, a make-up artist who moved from Co. Tipperary to the United States, according to the Irish Independent. White comes from a small rural town in Tipperary and after studying to be a beautician, left Ireland for Los Angeles.

White allegedly has worked on several projects in Hollywood and now thanks to her connection with Carrey, could make many more connections. According to a friend from RadarOnline, “Jim’s status will certainly give her a leg-up in the industry and open doors for her that could have been more difficult if she didn’t know him.”

The same friend said that the two have been dating for over a month now. The friend said, “She’s definitely living in a dream world right now.”

White moved to Los Angeles over three years ago and since her move has worked on the zombie tv series The Online Gamer. She went to college in Limerick and then trained to be a beautician. Locals from her Cappawhite hometown describe her as a “very funny, witty, down to earth girl,” The Sun reports. Locals were not surprised when the brilliant brunette set off for the big city. Folks back home are happy for her saying, “People in Cappawhite are delighted for her- she seems to be living it up - doing make-up for the stars and mixing with them all.”

Carrey and White do not appear to be in a serious relationship at the moment. Carey has been married twice and split with actress Jenny McCarthy in 2010. His first marriage to Melissa Womer lasted seven years and their daughter Jane, 23, was recently a contestant on American Idol. Carey is currently filming Kickass 2 at Pinewood Studios in London.