The 'Glee' actor – who plays teacher Will Schuester in the TV musical drama series – likes watching women show off their moves on the dancefloor because he thinks it is so "sensual".

He said: "Dancing is very sensual. It's someone expressing themselves through their body. I mean, I get turned on when I see women dance."

The 32-year-old star is currently single but if he wanted to impress a woman, he would invite her into his home and cook her a meal.

He explained to heat magazine: "I'm kind of a homebody so it would involve cooking. I make this mean chicken enchilada. Not too spicy, it's just right.

"And I'm really into crockpotting right now. It's like a slow cooker, so you put food in it in the morning, like stews and it gets so soft and tender.

"But it's great because you can put it in at some time in the morning and go to work all day and then you come home and your whole house just smells amazing. So I'd probably cook for her. Cooking and conversation - the two Cs. And a bottle of wine - maybe a couple."