Damian McGinty and former girlfriend Jenna Donnelly
PHOTOS - 'Glee Project' finalist Damian McGinty - photo gallery

I realize that this might seem like a trivial topic, when a young man’s career hangs in the balance, but ‘Glee Project’ finalist Damian McGinty’s love life is driving his fans online wild. All over his fansites there are poems and remixed song lyrics declaring love for McGinty and also some not so nice notes for his former girlfriend Jenna Donnelly.

According to the McGinty’s forum’s on Fanpop he’s young free and single. These fans seem to know everything down to the Celtic Thunder singer’s shoe size and 89 percent of  them believe is single despite the rumors that he was dating a young lady called Megan McCourt.
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It’s great to see that the public have obviously fallen head over heal in love with the Derry boy over the last few weeks.

On one of the forums they’ve started a game where they describe Damian using the letters of his name. For example, one fan posted “Dimples, Awesome eyes, Made in Ireland, Insane voice, A Bird Without Wings, Not a puppy love.”

It’s the real deal! The public have fallen big time for our Irish finalist.

Fingers crossed he wins this Sunday when Ryan Murphy picks a winner. If he wins McGinty will feature as a character in seven episodes of the smash hit show ‘Glee’.

PHOTOS - 'Glee Project' finalist Damian McGinty - photo gallery

Here’s a clip of him performing on the show: