Was the CIA involved in some way in John Lennon’s death?

The remarkable claim is highlighted in a new documentary on the events surrounding Lennon’s last night on earth on December 8th 1980.

The 30th anniversary is this week.

The film is called 'The Day John Lennon Died' and it carries testimonies from many who interacted with him on the day he died according to the Guardian newspaper.

Suspicion has fallen on the role of doorman, Jose Perdomo, who was the doorman at the Dakota on the fateful night.

Perdomo was a native of Cuba and the film links him to the CIA and the failed Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961.

However, it says it is unlikely he had anything to with the death of Lennon.

However, suspicion still surrounds how killer Mark Chapman got such easy access to Lennon.

Perdomo is now dead but it is now also known that the FBI harassed Lennon in every way possible and the U.S. government was deeply suspicious of him.

The film includes the recollections of a wide range of those intimately involved, and including the evidence of a policeman who arrived at the Dakota to arrest Chapman and the words of Yoko Ono about the dreadful evening.