Chris Pine
The actor is reprising his role as James Kirk in the sequel to the 2009 reboot of the sci-fi franchise and he admits there are a lot more expectations on the film because the previous one was so well received.

He said: "I probably feel the stakes are a bit bigger. The first one, we didn't have much to lose, because we didn't have much to lose! It was either going to be a great big hot and surprise everybody, or it was going to fall the down the drain and no one would've thought twice about it. "And it just so happened it was pretty well received. So going into this one, I was so excited that we'd brought all these new fans to this franchise that I wanted to do my job to make sure they come back. And I also wanted to do justice to my fellow actors and to the writers, because it's such a good story."

Chris also told how he thinks there will be a third movie although hasn't been told of the plans.

He told Total Film: "Knowing these guys, there's always a way to make some more installments. I'm sure they've built-in something, I'm just not smart enough to have seen it! But I'm sure there's a way. What I do know from the start, in terms of structure, they've had an idea of where they want to take the whole thing, just like a television series. I'm very excited about Part 2; when we finished shooting, everybody was stocked."