Read more: Chris Evans still has no idea what ‘The Avengers’ is about

The 29-year-old actor admits he was wary of taking on the role of the Marvel superhero and his alter ego Steve Rogers in ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ because proposed sequels and spin-off movie ‘The Avengers’ meant it was such a huge commitment to make, but insists he is ultimately happy with his decision.

He said: “It’s a big commitment. At one point it was nine pictures. We’ve got it down to six, but still, that’s making a decision for a big portion of your life.

“I love acting but there are other things I want to do – I want to write and direct. If the movies do well and they want to exercise all six films, I could be doing this until I’m 40. That’s a crazy thing to try and process.

“I wouldn’t trade this movie at this point for anything. I’m very happy with the decision.”

Chris also admitted he fears the film will be “lousy” and worries about it being a benchmark for the rest of his career.

He told Total Film magazine: “This could be a film I’m wrapped up in for 10 years, but what if it’s a lousy experience, what if I don’t connect, what if it’s something I want to leave in my past and move on from? The first time I saw the suit I thought, ‘This could be the suit I die in, this could be so tragic.’ ”

Read more: Chris Evans still has no idea what ‘The Avengers’ is about

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