It's been nearly two months now since Hurricane Sandy hit New York State, and the devastation it left is still being felt. Communities throughout Queens, Brooklyn, and New Jersey are still suffering the effects, and working together to rebuild what was lost.

On November 24th the first Irish Day of Action was held. The Irish community was mobilised into helping these communities get back on their feet. Shockingly we all saw how much help these communities still need and many have been humbled by the level of support they are receiving from volunteers. The first Irish Day of Action saw 1000 volunteers board buses, armed with shovels, and travel to these communities, helping to clear rubble from the disaster area.

Although it has been shocking to acknowledge the level of damage that still remains, it’s inspiring to see the Irish community come together. This weekend, it will do the same on the Second Irish Day of Action.

Part of this community are brands like The Wild Geese Soldiers & Heroes who are sponsoring buses during the Day of Action. These buses are essential in getting the hard working and generous volunteers to the sites which need help. The brand says they have seen people display a level of heroism and generosity, reminiscent of The Wild Geese (who the brand commemorate). Like The Wild Geese, these people have taken control of the situation placed before them. Volunteers with nothing but their time and commitment have reminded us all not to ignore these communities.

The Wild Geese Soldiers & Heroes celebrates Men of Action – those who strive to achieve the extraordinary and unexpected – and it is vital that these volunteers be supported. For those hoping to join the Irish Day of Action, visit to register to volunteer.

People have been affected by the hurricane in many ways. Their homes have been ravaged and many are still left without power and food. As well as this major drive to clear up the area, small community groups are coming together to deliver food and supplies to those affected.

The Wild Geese Soldiers & Heroes will also be donating to the Sandy Relief Kitchen. This is an initiative formed from a partnership between Two Boots Brooklyn, Old First Reformed Church, Park Slope Parents and supported by members of the community. They strive to deliver 1000 meals to the Rockaways, Coney Island and Red Hook, as well as to the evacuees currently housed in Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan. To donate to this cause visit where you can donate through PayPal.

There are many groups fighting to help those who have suffered at the hands of Sandy. Each of them are shining examples of Men of Action. For The Wild Geese Soldiers & Heroes, it’s an honor to be a part of the relief effort. It’s still a very important cause. 

The Wild Geese Soldiers & Heroes commemorates The Wild Geese, who left Ireland in 1691. To learn more about The Wild Geese Soldiers & Heroes visit their website or join them on Facebook.

Homes and lives destroyed after Hurricane Sandy, at the Rockaways, QueensGoogle Images