As we come to the end of 2016, Google has rounded up the 10 most searched for items in Ireland for the year.

In one of the most dramatic years in global politics in recent memory, political events dominated the search for Ireland.

From Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton the US election to Brexit, international affairs dominated the search terms as well as queries surrounding the Olympics and Pat Hickey’s arrest in Rio.

Matt Cooke, Head of Google’s News Lab said: “As ever, our annual Year In Search survey has shown a snapshot of what Ireland cared about in 2016 and the results are fascinating.

 “The diversity in the top 10 most trending topics of the year show how which political events have dominated the zeitgeist, how celebrities have touched our hearts and how sport continues to unite us.”

From the Euros, to Donald Trump and the Olympics, here’s a round up of what Ireland searched for most in 2016:

Euros 2016

Unsurprisingly the Euros 2016 topped the list of most Googled items for Ireland in 2016.

During the European Championships in France, the Irish fans went viral for their antics, most notably cleaning up Bordeaux and helping an elderly French couple change their tyre.

Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go was released in Britain and Ireland at the beginning of July.

The augmented reality game allows smartphone users to track and catch virtual Pokemon, however she rural Irish players had some problems catching them all in the countryside.

David Bowie

The Starman was the third most Googled item this year following his death on January 8.

Donald Trump

The controversial candidate became the 45th President-Elect earlier this year and was fourth most Googled search in Ireland in 2016.


The referendum that had everyone talking – and voting – came in at number five.


Whether it was Pat Hickey and the Rio ticketing scandal or the O’Donovan Brothers, the 2016 Rio Olympics were the sixth most Googled search in Ireland in 2016.


The Purple Rain singer, who died on April 21, was the seventh popular term searched by people in Ireland in 2016.

US Election

The US Election was one of this year’s hot topics, coming in at number eight on the most Googled terms in Ireland.

Suicide Squad

In at number nine, the DC Comics fantasy film grossed $745.6million at the Box Office and was one of the most popular films of 2016.

Ireland vs New Zealand

Finally in at number 10 is ‘Ireland vs New Zealand.’

The Irish team had a historic 40-29 win over the All Blacks in Chicago on November 5, where for the first time in 111 years, the Boys in Green beat New Zealand.