A major row has broken out in Ireland over U2's upcoming shows.

The band - who made an explosive start to their world tour in Barcelona last week - were expected to showcase the "Claw" stage which gives fans a 360° view.

However, it emerged last night that only three sides of Croke Park will be used for the concert.

The famed Hill 16 will be left empty.

Fed-up fans have appealed to the band to change the layout.

The "Claw" stage wowed fans in Barcelona as it allowed the band to play to all sides of the Nou Camp stadium.

However, the Dublin concert will not feature the full effect as the stage is not being built in the center of the pitch.

Instead, the stage be built in front of Hill 16 which will act as an unofficial backstage area and will not be open to fans.

Officials at Croke Park, the home to Ireland's GAA, say that fans will not be deprived of the Barcelona experience.

However, that remains to be seen.

Extra tickets for the three sell-out Dublin concerts, which take place on the 24th, 25th and 27th of this month, went on sale in Ireland today.

The tour has sold 2.5 million tickets in Europe and North America so far and the 160,000 tickets for the first two Croke Park concerts sold out in just 40 minutes.