Public transportation vehicles in Northern Ireland are getting colorful positivity makeovers in support of the #ChasetheRainbow campaign.

Public transport operator Translink has joined the global campaign to spread cheer during the COVID-19 crisis with colorful rainbow images and messages of hope.

Translink has already transformed buses, billboards, and bus shelters with rainbows and messaging advising people to stay home and save lives. 

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Now two trains, including a train on the Enterprise route between Belfast and Dublin, have been transformed into colorful “Trainbows,” RTÉ reports.

Translink’s Group Chief Executive Chris Conway said: “Now, more than ever, people are looking for ways to share positive messages during the COVID-19 crisis.

Two trains have had a very special makeovers in support of the #ChaseTheRainbow movement sweeping the nation! The public has already shared hundreds of drawings as part of our campaign on social media & many of the images will soon appear on buses & billboards in coming weeks!🌈

— Translink #StayHomeSaveLives (@Translink_NI) April 17, 2020

“While our dedicated employees are working hard to deliver bus and train services for those people that really need us, we also wanted to reach out to the community with our new #ChaseTheRainbow campaign to remind everyone right across Northern Ireland that there are better days ahead and that we’re all in this together.    

“It’s our hope that billboards and vehicles bursting with color will remind people that they’re not alone and it’s crucial we all act together to save lives.  

We're working hard to deliver bus & trains for the people that need us and want to remind you that there are better days ahead. Remember when it rains, we can still look for rainbows! #ChasetheRainbow #StayHomeSaveLives @ClearChannelNI @ExterionMediaNI

— Translink #StayHomeSaveLives (@Translink_NI) April 6, 2020

“We would like to thank the public for supporting our employees as we maintain essential public transport in the weeks and months ahead and remind everyone to continue to follow the Public Health Agency advice to stay at home, wash your hands and maintain social distancing.” 

Railway passenger numbers are down 97 percent, and trains and buses across Northern Ireland are running on a Sunday schedule, with a few additional peak services for health care and other essential workers.

Ross Earley, the station manager at Great Victoria Street, said the stations are empty and quiet.

He added: "It's mostly doctors and nurses, so most of our key workers that we would see on a daily basis have commented on it [the trainbow] saying they really like it. It's good to see anything positive at the minute."

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Translink is also asking the public to join the campaign by inviting children to submit their own rainbow drawings to be transferred into a large-scale rainbow collage to adorn vehicles and billboards, reports LoveBelfast.

For more information, follow @Translink_NI #ChaseTheRainbow.