Tom Brady's family spent time visiting their ancestral home in Co Cavan on Sunday, July 23, traveling to a local cemetery to pay tribute to the legendary quarterback's Irish ancestors.

Tom Sr. and Galynn Brady traveled to the small village of Milltown in Co Cavan on Sunday alongside their grandchildren and Tom Brady's sisters Julie and Nancy. 

The family attended the annual blessing of the graves in Drumlane Abbey and later met villagers in a local school, learning more about their Irish ancestry. 

Fr. Gerry Comiskey, who helped arrange the visit, presented the Brady family with a cup bearing the Brady family crest and a handcrafted memento of their visit.

Tom Sr. told the Irish Times that his son hopes to visit Ireland again in the future. 

"He’s a busy guy, but he loves Ireland and he has been taught all about it and our ancestors growing up, he will definitely visit with his children someday soon." 

Welcome to Cavan, Tom Sr & Galynn Brady!
(no sign of Tom, everyone calm down 😅)

— Pro Football Ireland (@NFLIreland) July 24, 2023

Tom Brady's Irish roots

Brady's great-great-grandfather John Brady emigrated to the United States from Milltown in 1850, escaping the Great Famine and finding work as a laborer in Boston. 

Shortly after arriving in the US, John Brady met Bridget Bailey - another Famine emigrant - and started a family.

Census records state that John and Bridget had two children, including Brady's great-grandfather Philip. 

John and Bridget moved to California before the outbreak of the US Civil War and settled in the Mission District of the booming city of San Francisco. 

Philip Brady became a San Francisco firefighter and responded to the earthquake that devastated the city in 1906. 

Tom Brady Jr. has often talked up his Irish roots, notably taking time during a press conference to underline his Irish pride when the New England Patriots played against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in London in 2009. 

"My father is 100 percent Irish. We took a trip over there together and visited some of the places where my family came from. That was a great experience for me and obviously, I am very proud of my Irish roots," Brady said in 2009.