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Hurricane Sandy hit Irish neighborhoods in New York and New Jersey hardest

Like at 9/11, Irish Americans were hit disproportionately hard by Hurricane Sandy with three of the most Irish neighborhoods in America on the front line...READ MORE


Hurricane Sandy -- IrishCentral staffers share their storm stories - PHOTOS

In the wake of the worst storm in New York in recent history, the IrishCentral staff give eyewitness accounts of their experience of Superstorm Sandy and how their areas have been affected...READ MORE


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 Ireland’s most haunted house to reveal its horrors in time for Halloween - VIDEO

The owner of Ireland’s most haunted house has opened his doors to the public – just in time for Halloween...READ MORE


 BBC documentary claims British Artillery fired first shots of Irish Civil War

A newly discovered military memoir has claimed that British Army artillery crews were commandeered by Michael Collins at the start of the Irish Civil War...READ MORE


 John Spain: Irish Golden Circle still shining despite massive recession

They were called the golden circle, the people in the inside loop who made lots of money during the boom years here.

I'm not just talking about the property speculators and developers playing with their borrowed billions who were in an inner platinum circle all of their own.  The golden circle was far wider than that...READ MORE