Today's top Irish news stories:

Body found of best man at wedding after speedboat collision

The body of Irish American Mark Lennon has been found – as it emerged that the driver of the speedboat involved in the accident which killed him has a prior drug arrest…READ MORE


Mary Robinson on the Catholic Church and how her UN position almost caused a breakdown

Former president of Ireland Mary Robinson says she was on the verge of a breakdown when she took on a top role at the United Nations (UN)…READ MORE


The Gathering shines new light on post Famine Irish worldwide

The Gathering has shone a  particular light on the question of why do 70 million people around the world regard their identity as Irish – what is such a sense of connection by so many people, including after several generations, all about?  ….READ MORE


Irish research makes major breakthrough in battle against Crohn’s disease

Irish university researchers have claimed a major breakthrough in the battle against Crohn’s and other colon diseases…READ MORE


Agnostic Irish Deputy PM sought legal advice over religious vow

Ireland’s Deputy Prime Minister has taken legal advice on swearing a religious oath when the controversial abortion legislation goes before the country’s Council of State on Monday…READ MORE